Nadia Taggart RYT-200​​
Nadia has been teaching yoga since 2014 and she completed the 200 YTT in 2017 at Rishikul Yogshala, Rishikesh, India. She studied classical Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga, Vanyasa, Pranayama, Anatomy, and Alingment. Nadia is extremely grateful to all the amazing teachers she had who shared and continue to share their knowledge and love for yoga with her. Nadia was spiritually impacted through Yoga Philosophy, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, and found a love she never knew she had in Chair Yoga.​​​​​​

Nadia loves practicing and teaching yoga for the way it makes her feel: balanced, calm, free, in peace with herself. It makes her happy when she sees her students leave the class relaxed, in touch with their soul, with their inner light, and seeing their personal growth.

In Nadia’s classes she encourages the students to push their own limits while she is guiding them through the asanas, feeling their own breath, and their own body. She teaches weekly classes and monthly workshops using art painting as a tool for being mindful and quieting the mind.

Yoga helps us stay connected to the energy of love, to the energy of light.
Rachel Belle, RYT-500
Rachel Belle is a RYT-500 yoga instructor. She completed the training in 2014-17 at Heartwood Yoga Studio . She also has an A.S. degree in Surgical Technology from Southwest Florida College.
Rachel has worked as a surgical technologist for more than eight years. A few years ago she realized that intensity of being in the medical field needed to be balanced with some kind of stress reduction. So she committed to her RYT-200 training and, after completing, began teaching at Heartwood.
After two years teaching, Rachel has opened her own studio where she is advancing a yoga style that incorporates her expertise in aromatherapy, the “power of intention” and the ancient Yogic philosophic practices of sutura, yama and niyama.
In addition Rachel acquired a love for Reiki and has been attuned to the level of a Reiki Master. Her classes relieve stress and anxiety, improve balance and flexibility and increase an overall sense of calmness. Join her on the mat everyday as she captures hope and promises one hour of freedom from today’s busy society.

MaryAnn Fenton RYT-200
MaryAnn Fenton is a certified RYT-200 Yoga Instructor, teaching for a year and a half privately. MaryAnn fell in love and has practiced yoga for 9+ yrs. She was in major soul searching mode when she first tried yoga. MaryAnn's first few classes didn’t resonant with her until she met Yoga Instructor, Danielle Palli. From the very first class with Danielle she felt a connection with yoga that to this day brings her a sense balance; mind, body, and soul. With the right teacher yoga can be transcending. MaryAnn specializes in restorative and yin yoga incorporating essential oils and inspiring writings. Her classes relieve the stresses and anxiety of everyday life, while improving flexibility, clarity, peacefulness, and overall balance in your life.
Chelsea Crabtree, RYT-200, ACE CPT
Growing up as a dancer and singer in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Chelsea was always active and very in tune with her physical body. After having moved to New York City to attend Hunter College, injuries and a tight schedule kept her from dancing for a time, during which she began to realize how becoming out of touch with the physical body can have drastic effects on the state of the mind. However, when a friend introduced her to a hot vinyasa yoga practice, Chelsea was immediately enamored by the physical parallels between dance and a vinyasa flow, as well as the innumerable benefits of connecting the breath to movement. Having completed her 200-hr certification with New York Yoga in 2010, Chelsea loves sharing the benefits of yoga with students of all levels. She teaches a vinyasa class that focuses on connecting the breath to movement, opening up the body through the physical asana (poses) and using the breath throughout the flow to unify the the efforts of the yogi. In 2013, she trained in the art of Thai Yoga Massage, and enjoys practicing and witnessing the effects of this healing modality as well. Having also been fortunate to be mentored as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, Chelsea is a Certified Personal Trainer through ACE and has several years of experience. After leaving the NYC area, she thoroughly enjoyed a year in Tuscaloosa, AL, teaching and training at private studios as well as at the University of Alabama. Having found her new home here in the Tampa Bay area with her husband, toddler and infant, she is thrilled to become a part of the yoga community!
Jessica Blom RYT-200
Jessica's first experience with yoga was in 2003 by taking a yoga class that was instructed by her high school dance teacher. The seed was planted and cherished because of the complete ease of body and peace of mind it brought to her for the first time. Since then she has practiced Dance, Martial Arts and personal training to satisfy her love of being physically active and fit. In 2008 she began to apply meditation into a daily practice to heal and bring peace and serenity into her life, helping to overcome life's stress in a healthy way. 
Over the summer of 2017 Jessica completed her training at Heartwood Retreat and Yoga Center where she obtained her RYT 200 hour yoga training as well as her Aerial yoga Certification. Upon obtaining her certification she immediately began instructing privately. Then in November 2017 she took an offer and continues to instruction an Aerial yoga class at Heartwood Retreat Center.
Jessica is a wife, mother, and stepmother that work's in a restaurant full time. She uses all that she has learned through yoga on the matt as well as the spiritual principles of the yamas and the niyamas of yoga to apply into her daily life. It is truly a dream come true to be sharing this yogic path and practice with other people.
It brings Jessica great Joy to guide yogis through a practice either on the mat or floating above the mat in a yoga swing. It is a goal of hers in each class to assist in creating a safe place for people to have self-exploration, and to build inner strength as well as a strong body. In her classes she brings focus into connecting the breath to the movement of the body clearing stress away from the mind and leaving students to feel energetic and an overall happiness.

Kim Engles RYT-500
As a yoga instructor, Kim is passionate to share the healing benefits that yoga has brought to her life. In 12 years of personal practice she has witnessed the absolute serenity, stress and anxiety management as well as the beautiful physical benefits of yoga. She contributes yoga as the catalyst that has guided and supported her through some of the most difficult and tragic times in her life.

Kim completed her training at Heartwood Retreat Center  and holds both 200 RYT and Chair Yoga certifications with Yoga Alliance Registration. She is continuing her education and speciality exploration at Heartwood working to complete her 500RYT program.

Kim offers a calm and supportive atmosphere in her classes which include but are not limited to: Restorative Aroma Yoga; Yoga Nidra, Gentle Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Chair Yoga. She encourages open communication with her students so they can receive the most benefit from their yoga experience. She offers the gift of healing touch and aromatherapy in her classes as well as inspirational quotes and poems.